The Band


In 2010, RoarShark wriggled free of the icy waters of LakeOntario, stood erect upon the rocky shore and began its’ evolution. Influenced by bands such as Man or AstroMan?, The Bomboras, Dick Dale, and The Ventures; RoarShark can best be described as “Reverb-O-Licious SciFi Surf”


Brian Gemme




The man with the plan.  Brian grew restless one day and began to noodle on his guitar.  Then he heard it.  …Reverb, man.







Gary Yanni



…And God said, “Let there be drums” and there was much wailing and Gnashing of teeth until God said, “Let there be Gary Yanni to sitteth behind yon drums” And there was much rejoicing.







Neal Bourque



He plays Bass and sometimes sports a beard that Chuck Norris envies.  Neal became RoarShark’s big bottom when he said “Hey, I play bass.”  The rest is history.







Josh Reiner



What can be said about the guy behind the Machine-gun Stratocaster?  He shreds, he bends, he chicken-picks.  Josh IS surf guitar.